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2610 Design of Efficient Contents Addressable Memory for On-Chip Memory Application 서영교 23.07.24
2609 Reconfigurable Noise-Shaping SAR ADC and a High Efficiency LDO with Low Supply.. 이정협 23.07.23
2608 Analog LDO with full-spectrum PSR 황영하 23.07.23
2607 28GHz CMOS 전력증폭기 정광현 23.07.23
2606 Standardized PQC(Post-Quantum Cryptography) IP 하드웨어 구현 김동규 23.07.23
2605 A Ka-band Pseudo Doherty-Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier for advanced modula.. 전상근 23.07.23
2604 Monolithic-3D (M3D) Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor-Nanoelectromechani.. 최우영 23.07.23
2603 Bio-inspired Energy-efficient Sound Localization Neural Network based on Audi.. 공배선 23.07.23
2602 Area-Efficient Partially-Parallel FWHT Processor for OFDM/CDMA communication 유호영 23.07.22
2601 2.4 GHz Low-Power Receiver Front-End Employing I/Q Mixer with Current-Reused Q.. 권구덕 23.07.22
2600 Domino ADC for CMOS-Image-Sensor Employing Regression based AMS Optimization T.. 남재원 23.07.22
2599 Millimeter-wave Four-Element Beam-tapering Phased-array Transmitter with Vecto.. 변철우 23.07.21
2598 Inductorless Low Noise Amplifier Using Active Inductor for Bandwidth Extension 송익현 23.07.21
2597 Voltage Latched Sense Amplifier with Slow Rise Time Control and Body Biasing T.. 나태희 23.07.21
2596 A 28-Gb/s Monolithic Optical Receiver with an On-Chip Bias Controlled Avalanch.. 최우영 23.07.21
2595 Layout Generator와 Device Sizing Algorithm을 활용한 고속 ADC 자동 설계 류승탁 23.07.21
2594 A Personalized Keyword Spotting Accelerator with High Accuracy for 35 Classes 조성환 23.07.21
2593 MM-wave Beamforming Front-end ICs 홍성철 23.07.21
2592 Baud-rate CDR and adaptive equalizer 김철우 23.07.20
2591 A 8T SRAM-based Digital Compute-In-Memory Macro with In-SRAM Approximation Sch.. 박종선 23.07.19
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