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"한국 반도체산업의 경쟁력"

IDEC에서 설계인력양성의 발판을 마련하겠습니다.

  제목 작성자 작성일
2179 A 5.8 GHz DSRC Receiver RF Front-end for V2X Communication Systems 권구덕 21.01.10
2178 Energy-Efficient Neural Network Processor Using Analog-based In-Memory Computing 조성환 21.01.10
2177 Bit Parallel 6T SRAM In-memory Computing with Reconfigurable Bit-Precision 박종선 21.01.10
2176 Extremely low power RF receiver design for Wireless body network (WBN) applica.. 최우영 21.01.10
2175 single shot pulse generator with testing devices 윤광섭 21.01.10
2174 Millimeter-wave VCO Design Using Negative Transconductance Optimization 변철우 21.01.10
2173 WL to BL Positive Feedback Sensing Scheme for PRAM 나태희 21.01.09
2172 Design of the Boost DC-DC converter for RF Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors 권익진 21.01.09
2171 A 28Gb/s Quarter-rate 1-FIR 2-IIR DFE with 20dB Loss Compensation in 28nm CMO.. 송준영 21.01.08
2170 Milimeter-wavecommunication system IC 민병욱 21.01.08
2169 A 28Gb/s Single-Ended Duobinary Transceiver for Memory Interfaces 전정훈 21.01.08
2168 A 6-Gb/s/μm Transceiver with Crosstalk Cancellation Scheme for HBM Interfaces 김철우 21.01.08
2167 Zero-Crossing-Based Delta-Sigma Modulator 심재훈 21.01.08
2166 Ultrasonic hybrid beamforming with multi-channel 이강윤 21.01.06
2165 A 16Gb/s NRZ transmitter with 2GHz PLL in 28nm CMOS process for MIPI D-PHY 김수연 21.01.05
2164 얼굴 검출 가속기 문병인 21.01.04
2163 Information Security Services based Physical Unclonable Function with CRPs and.. 홍종필 20.12.29
2162 Millimeter-wave Dual-polarization Transmitter and Receiver with Cross-polariza.. 변철우 20.12.22
2161 Terahertz Radar System 이재성 20.12.22
2160 RF beamforming Front-end ICs for 5G NR n257/n260 and 60 GHz Radar Communication 홍성철 20.12.22
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