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IDEC에서 설계인력양성의 발판을 마련하겠습니다.

  제목 작성자 작성일
2216 Extremely low power RF receiver design for Wireless body network (WBN) applica.. 최우영 21.01.10
2215 single shot pulse generator with testing devices 윤광섭 21.01.10
2214 Millimeter-wave VCO Design Using Negative Transconductance Optimization 변철우 21.01.10
2213 WL to BL Positive Feedback Sensing Scheme for PRAM 나태희 21.01.09
2212 Design of the Boost DC-DC converter for RF Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors 권익진 21.01.09
2211 A 28Gb/s Quarter-rate 1-FIR 2-IIR DFE with 20dB Loss Compensation in 28nm CMO.. 송준영 21.01.08
2210 Milimeter-wavecommunication system IC 민병욱 21.01.08
2209 A 28Gb/s Single-Ended Duobinary Transceiver for Memory Interfaces 전정훈 21.01.08
2208 A 6-Gb/s/μm Transceiver with Crosstalk Cancellation Scheme for HBM Interfaces 김철우 21.01.08
2207 Zero-Crossing-Based Delta-Sigma Modulator 심재훈 21.01.08
2206 Ultrasonic hybrid beamforming with multi-channel 이강윤 21.01.06
2205 A 16Gb/s NRZ transmitter with 2GHz PLL in 28nm CMOS process for MIPI D-PHY 김수연 21.01.05
2204 얼굴 검출 가속기 문병인 21.01.04
2203 Information Security Services based Physical Unclonable Function with CRPs and.. 홍종필 20.12.29
2202 Millimeter-wave Dual-polarization Transmitter and Receiver with Cross-polariza.. 변철우 20.12.22
2201 Terahertz Radar System 이재성 20.12.22
2200 RF beamforming Front-end ICs for 5G NR n257/n260 and 60 GHz Radar Communication 홍성철 20.12.22
2199 An Area-Efficient 10-bit Column Driver IC with Low-Voltage Pass Transistor Log.. 김현식 20.12.22
2198 Highly-Efficient DC-DC Converter with High Conversion Ratio 김현식 20.12.22
2197 Design of D-band Receiver and Mm-wave Power Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS Technology 전상근 20.12.22
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