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IP명 Gate driver for Silicon Carbide MOSFET with Adaptive soft turn-off technique
Category Analog Application Electric vehicle(EV)
실설계면적 5㎛ X 5㎛ 공급 전압 20V
IP유형 Hard IP 동작속도 100000Hz
검증단계 Silicon 참여공정 HM-2203
IP개요 SiC MOSFETs are widely used in industries where 1200-1700V is used due to advantages such as low conduction loss and high-frequency operation. Since SiC MOSFET is used in the high-power system, it is important to secure operation stability, and in particular, a technology that can safely protect the device and circuit from short circuit conditions which a high current flow. In the MPW, a gate driver for SiC MOSFET with adaptive soft turn-off technology was designed. The idea was implemented using the fact that the current capacity of SiC MOSFETs is proportional to their input capacitance. To measure the input capacitance of the SiC MOSFET, a capacitance to digital converter using a SAR ADC was applied. This circuit was designed and fabricated using the TSMC 180nm Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process, and simulation and measurement results are presented in this report.
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