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IP명 An E-band Wideband Transmitter and Receiver for RadCom applications in CMOS
Category Mixed Application RFIC통신
실설계면적 2.18㎛ X 1㎛ 공급 전압 2.5V
IP유형 Hard IP 동작속도 60GHz
검증단계 Silicon 참여공정 HM-2101
IP개요 We present an E-band wideband transmitter and
receiver in CMOS technology for supporting radar and
communication (RadCom) applications. Power amplifier, upconverting mixer, and LO part were designed and integrated in a
single TX chip. Low noise amplifier, down-converting mixer, IF
amplifier, and LO part were designed and integrated in a single RX
chip. LO part was composed of driver amplifier for LO signal,
frequency quadrupler, and phase rotator. Phase shifting of the TX
and RX was realized by phase rotator and polyphase filter, and the
frequency quadrupler quadruples the phase. For the compact size
and small power consumption, the frequency quadrupler based on
phase-controlled push-push structure was used. In the TX, stackedFET topology was used for increasing output power. To achieve the
high data rate, wideband design was the most important factor.
Transformers were carefully designed to get wideband property. In
previous work, simple measurement was conducted with 64-QAM
signal. The baud rate was set to 1.62 GBaud at each frequency ranges
for 64-QAM. The total data rate was measured at 58.32 Gbps at 64-
QAM, and the EVM was about −24.2 dB.
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