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"한국 반도체산업의 경쟁력"

IDEC에서 설계인력양성의 발판을 마련하겠습니다.

  제목 작성자 작성일
1895 Design of low-power high-resolution hybrid ADCs 심재훈 19.09.15
1894 A Reliable SoC Design using Replica Circuits for Near-Threshold Voltage Operat.. 박종선 19.09.11
1893 A Wideband RF Receiver for In-band Full Duplexrer using CMOS Technology 한정환 19.09.10
1892 A Hybrid Transformer-Based CMOS Duplexer with a Single-Ended Notch-Filtered LN.. 권구덕 19.09.09
1891 Wireless Resistivity Reading Chip 김상혁 19.09.09
1890 저전력 캡슐내시경 송수신기 및 CNN 가속기 선우명훈 19.09.09
1889 5G Transceiver IC Design Using 180 Phase Hybrid coupler 조춘식 19.09.09
1888 Supply Noise Insensitive Clock Distribution Network for DRAM 조성환 19.09.08
1887 Bidirectional shift-register using Novel bidirectional pulsed-latch 양병도 19.09.08
1886 A Low Power AI Processor for Embedded System 이승은 19.09.08
1885 RC Relaxation Oscillator for Frequency Reference 최병덕 19.09.07
1884 OST 유회준 19.09.05
1883 Dynamic TCAM for Low-voltage Application 공배선 19.09.04
1882 Based Physical Unclonable Function with CRPs and True Random Number Generators.. 홍종필 19.08.28
1881 Low Power Noise Shaping SAR ADC 채형일 19.07.26
1880 A multi-modal biomedical signal acquisition IC for respiration and ECG monitor.. 이정협 19.07.03
1879 MinLLR 방식을 활용한 저전력 극부호 복호기 유호영 19.06.24
1878 A Power and Data Telemetry System for Neural Implants 송윤규 19.06.19
1877 High Performance Wireless System 이강윤 19.06.19
1876 Low-complexity R-peak Detection Circuit for ECG Recording 최준림 19.06.17
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