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"한국 반도체산업의 경쟁력"

IDEC에서 설계인력양성의 발판을 마련하겠습니다.

  제목 작성자 작성일
2111 TRX system for multi-field remote sensor 김철우 20.01.31
2110 PLL with TRNG 송준영 20.01.23
2109 Scalable Mutliplier / Flexible Deep Learning Hardware Accelerator를 위한 기초.. 궁재하 20.01.20
2108 A 50 M–1 GHz 2.3 dB NF Noise-Cancelling Balun-LNA Employing a Modified Current.. 권구덕 20.01.20
2107 Dynamic Ringing suppression in CAN FD transceiver 이명희 20.01.19
2106 A 3GS/s 8b Time-interleaved SAR ADC in 28 nm CMOS 박정동 20.01.16
2105 Computing-in-Memory with Array-to-Array Analog Communication for Neural Network 정성욱 20.01.15
2104 An 28Gb/s Single-Ended Duobinary Transceiver for Memory Interfaces 전정훈 20.01.14
2103 5G 대역 및 30 GHz Point-to-Point 무선 통신을 위한 CMOS 전력 증폭기 전상근 20.01.13
2102 RF switch design for 5G applications 김정현 20.01.13
2101 고출력 및 다중대역 신호원 이재성 20.01.13
2100 Design of Low Noise Amplifier Using RF CMOS Process 김철영 20.01.13
2099 A fast transient digital-LDO with 99.9% current efficienxy 황인철 20.01.13
2098 PWM/PSM Dual Mode DC-DC Converter With Spread Spectrum Clock Generator/RFDC 이강윤 20.01.13
2097 5G, B5G를 위한 Front-end 회로 /Wide/Dual-band Millimeter-wave Phase Shifter fo.. 오정석 20.01.13
2096 A Low-Power Scalable Flexible Band Processor for Artificial Intelligence 박인철 20.01.13
2095 0.3V RC-to-Digital Converter Using a Negative Charge-Pump Switch 양병도 20.01.13
2094 Energy-Efficient Sensor-Embedded Image Recognizer 조성환 20.01.13
2093 Wireless UWB Transmitter and Time-Constant Comparator for RF Energy Harvesting 권익진 20.01.13
2092 THz 송신단 구현을 위한 200 GHz 전력증폭기용 Power Cells and MOM Caps 양종렬 20.01.12
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