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"한국 반도체산업의 경쟁력"

IDEC에서 설계인력양성의 발판을 마련하겠습니다.

IDEC 사사문구 가이드

  논문제목 작성자 소속 작성일
4790 Research on flexible display at Ulsan national institute of science .. 변영재 UNIST 18.11.11
4789 Stretchable Dual-Capacitor Multi-Sensor for Touch-Curvature-Pressure.. 변영재 UNIST 18.11.11
4788 Soft, smart contact lenses with integrations of wireless circuits, g.. 변영재 UNIST 18.11.11
4787 Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Sinusoidal Modulated Rin.. 변영재 UNIST 18.11.11
4786 Transparent and Flexible Fingerprint Sensor Array with Multiplexed D.. 변영재 UNIST 18.11.11
4785 Differential Difference Amplifier based Parametric Measurement Unit .. 변영재 UNIST 18.11.11
4784 Polycrystalline Silicon MOSFET-based Capacitorless 1T DRAM with Asym.. 조성재 가천대학교 18.11.09
4783 Characterization and Optimization of Inverted-T FinFET Under Nanosca.. 조성재 가천대학교 18.11.09
4782 SiGe Heterojunction FinFET Towards Tera-Hertz Applications 조성재 가천대학교 18.11.09
4781 An anti-harmonic MDLL for phase-aligned on-chip clock multiplication 김종선 홍익대학교 18.11.09
4780 A low-power fast-lock DCC with a digital duty-cycle adjuster for LPD.. 김종선 홍익대학교 18.11.09
4779 A High-speed SerDes Transceiver for Wireless Proximity Communication 김종선 홍익대학교 18.11.09
4778 An anti-boundary switching fine-resolution digital delay-locked loop 김종선 홍익대학교 18.11.09
4777 A Fast-Locking All-Digital Multiplying DLL for Fractional-Ratio Dyna.. 김종선 홍익대학교 18.11.09
4776 A 7-GHz Fast-Lock 2-Step TDC-based All-Digital DLL for Post-DDR4 SDR.. 김종선 홍익대학교 18.11.09
4775 A New Virtual Keyboard with Finger Gesture Recognition for AR/VR dev.. 이혁재 서울대학교 18.11.09
4774 An ROI-Based Lidar Sampling Algorithm in The Road Environment 이혁재 서울대학교 18.11.09
4773 An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Classification of Scre.. 이혁재 서울대학교 18.11.09
4772 A Predictive Initialization of Hidden State Parameters in a Hidden M.. 이혁재 서울대학교 18.11.09
4771 Efficient Fixed/Floating-Point Merged Mixed-Precision Multiply-Accum.. 이혁재 서울대학교 18.11.09
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